​​A little about me. I'm loving life in the industrial-suburban splendor of North Jersey, where I've been designing IT solutions for the public sector-- including DoD, intel, Federal, state & local governments, law enforcement, public safety and education-- for the past fifteen years. 

Pepper’s Ghost pulls together a fascination with high-tech that started in my last semester at Yale, where I was studying English literature, and has taken me on a joy-ride through manufacturing, R&D, marketing, programming, sales, and support--- with a lot of crisis management along the way. 

If literature is the medium through which we probe and bear witness to the human condition, then technology is the medium through which we respond, with the tangible results that turn people back into the heroes of their own lives.  That is what this book is really about.    

Thank you for your interest in Pepper's Ghost. I hope you enjoy the book, and would love to hear your thoughts on the convergence of humanity and technology.-- A decade from now, will we still be able to tell where one ends and the other begins?

Very best,

Mark R. Anderson

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